Understanding Chemistry for Ordinary Level

A complete O-Level Textbook

Understanding Chemistry is a textbook for Ordinary Level GCE. Its aim to present the syllabus material in a way that is clear ,logicial and visually interesting.The book fully meets the requirements of students taking Chemistry in forms 3,4 and 5.It provides a comprehensive coverage of the GCE Level syllabus offered by the Cameroon GCE Board and also covers the requirements of the National Chemistry Syllabus offered by the Ministry of National Education.At each stage ,this book encourages the student to think and understand rather than simply memorise facts.Each chapter in this book stars with the learning objectives,followed by the core material and ends with a summary of the core material ,with gives of the essential facts covered to facilitate quick revision.

Class: Form 5
Author:  Njike .N.Kempest / Funjong . B George / Penjong .K.Pius

Book Condition: NEW
Publisher: Tawa Books International

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